Posting Policies Trouble Students

Some students have voiced their dismay about the Ramapo College’s posting policy, which prevents students from freely posting fliers on campus, stating that it limits their ability to easily translate messages across campus. More »

Founder of RioOnWatch Visits Ramapo to Discuss Hyperlocal Journalism

A visiting Brazilian activist discussed the transformation that Rio’s favelas are undergoing as the city prepares for the 2016 Olympics, and the efforts of her website, RioOnWatch, to bring more visibility to issues in these communities. More »

Athletes Pushing Limits

USA paralympic snowboarder and a professional wheelchair rugby player came together Oct. 8th for Ramapo’s Disability Awareness Month to inspire students and athletes about never quitting. More »

Food Fight: The War on GMOs

With the rise of foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms, consumers want to know what they are eating. Currently, there are no GMO labeling requirements. Oregon and Colorado vote this fall on whether to label foods containing GMOs. More »

Commuter vs. Residential College Experience

The big question for students preparing to go to a new college or university, whether they are graduating high school or transferring, is to commute or live on campus. More »


Home Away From Home: J Lee’s

PHOTO/Crystal Roman

At a college where nearly 50 percent of students are commuters, the campus needs areas where those students not residing on campus can spend their down time between classes. At Ramapo College, this has been given to the students in

Students Voice Opinions on Fitness Center

PHOTO/Courtesy of Ramapo College

Several Ramapo students are unhappy with the current fitness center, Sharp Fitness Center, which is located in the Bradley Center. The Sharp Fitness Center is the main gym for a school that houses approximately 3,000 students and supports another 3,000

Ramapo’s Fooligans Change Improv Scene

The Fooligans. PHOTO/Caitlin Stedge-Stroud

The Fooligans, Ramapo College’s improv troupe, performed their monthly comedy show in Adler Theater on Wednesday night. The Fooligans are a part of A.Y.O., the theater department honor society. Wednesday night’s showing of “One Sour Lemon” consisted of eight students. Their

Review: Mixed feelings after Destiny release

Concept art from destiny photo:BagoGames

By JAKE KISOR The recent release of “Destiny” by videogame powerhouse developers Bungie and Activision was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, expected to shatter conventional genra and minds with its quick gameplay and gorgeous graphics. According to

Founder of RioOnWatch Visits Ramapo to Discuss Hyperlocal Journalism


By DANIEL FEINBERG and CANDACE MITCHELL A visiting Brazilian activist and scholar discussed the transformation Rio’s favelas are currently undergoing as the city prepares for the 2016 Olympics, and the efforts of her website, RioOnWatch, to bring more visibility to issues

Ozone on the mend… finally

By JAKE KISOR Remember the ozone layer? That layer of the stratosphere that according to the Environmental Protection Agency ”protects all life from the sun’s harmful radiation” is on the mend. According to a recent assessment of the ozone that was conducted by 300

Ramapo Dollars No longer Allowed to Purchase Gift Cards at the College Book Store


By LEE-ANNA JOHN The Ramapo College bookstore decided to stop the use of Ramapo Dollars to purchase gift cards. The bookstore has not given a formal explanation as to why they have decided to stop the practice, however it is clear that

Female Athletes Thrive in the Real World

Action Shot of Faith Flannery during her time at Ramapo College. PHOTO//Faith Flannery

By LARISSA FORESE If you were ever a female athlete, chances are the sports you played helped you get where you are today. Studies have shown that women who have played sports are more likely to make strides in their careers. Ernst

Ramapo students celebrate Latino Heritage Month

BY CRYSTAL ROMAN In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Ramapo College student leaders and organization members collaborated in efforts to create social and educational events for the month of October to celebrate the diverse cultures of Mexico, Spain, Central and

Food Fight: The War on GMOs

Organically grown vegetables at a local farmer's market in France / PHOTO Samantha Bell

By SAMANTHA BELL, NICHOLAS CAPRIO, and JAKE KISOR With the rise of GMO foods, consumers want to know what they are eating. Many foods available today contain GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, foods that have been changed with an injection of DNA

Ramapo Wildlife Citings on Campus

CLICK for larger Ramapo College Campus Map./ILLUSTRATION/Rama[

By JESSICA RINZUELLO The high population of black bears in Northern New Jersey has  led to local wild animal sitings in residential areas. According to New Jersey Wildlife, a Web site that identifies the scenic and wildlife, New Jersey is one

NJ Makes Safest State for Drivers List Ranking #5


By JESSICA RINZUELLO All across the country, Americans are getting in their cars and hitting the road. But, how many Americans feel safe in their state when they take the wheel? According to a survey, New Jersey is a safe place for